Imagination Station Early Learning Center

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Our Curriculum

Emphasizes the development of these core areas:
  1.  Language & Literacy
  2.  Cognitive (math, science, and technology)
  3.  Physical 
  4. Social-Emotional
  5. Creativity   
Teachers develop activities that are appropriate for the children in their age group using a monthly theme.
The curriculum aligns with Nevada's Early Learning Standards. Also, our curriculum model is consistent with NAEYC's developmentally appropriate standard and inclusive of diverse learning styles and levels.
Every month, our mission is to help children grow and develop to their full potential.  We teach children to respect others, make healthy life choices, and foster a love for learning.  We provide a wide range of experiences through carefully designed lessons which include hands-on projects, literacy, center-based enhancements and music to bring learning to life. 

Thematic Guide At Boulder